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Western Thermal & Demolition provides partial and total demolition and dismantling services for commercial, industrial, and institutional services. Our team of highly experienced and professional demolition contractors has been serving Prince George, Terrace, Kitimat, Quesnel, and Northern BC. We have demolished schools, office buildings, mills, hotels, emission stacks, government buildings, and houses all over the province. Every project is just a little small for us!

As a family-owned company fully bonded and insured, you can trust us to do the job correctly and with minimal issues. For any challenges, we meet head-on to find the best solution promptly and professionally. We take utmost care while completing our demolition, ensuring the safety of everyone involved.


Our team offers expert demolition services in Prince George, Terrace, Kitimat, Quesnel, and Northern BC using modern tools which comply with safety standards and codes. Whether you need partial or complete demolition, please contact us.


The process of building demolition involves several steps to ensure that it is carried out safely and efficiently, including:

  • Planning: Before any work begins, a plan is developed considering the site conditions, structure type, and safety hazards. This plan also includes obtaining necessary permits and notifying local authorities and neighbours.

  • Waste removal: The site is then prepared by removing any hazardous materials and clearing the area around the structure.

  • Demolition: The demolition begins with removing interior materials, such as walls and fixtures, followed by exterior demolition using methods such as implosion, high-reach excavators, or wrecking balls.

  • Site restoration: After demolition, the debris is sorted and removed from the site, with recycling and salvaging materials that can be repurposed. Finally, the site is restored to its original condition or prepared for new construction.

Throughout the process, our demolition contractors ensure safety as a top priority. Strict protocols are followed to prevent accidents and protect workers and the community. It includes using protective equipment and safety barriers.

Have any questions for our demolition contractors in Prince George about the process? Mail them to us!




We are a full-service demolition company completely equipped with professional equipment and personnel. Here are some reasons why you should choose our skilled demolition contractors in Prince George, Terrace, Kitimat, Quesnel, and Northern BC:


  • Efficiency: The demolition process might look simple at the outset. But the entire process of step-by-step dismantling of the building depends on the efficiency and expertise of skilled workers.

  • Modern tools and equipment: We have a massive haul of demolition tools, including excavators, bulldozers and other heavy-duty equipment, to carry out the work. All our workers are trained to use the equipment on the job site safely.

  • Safety: The importance of safety in the demolition process can't be stressed more. Neighbouring structures, plumbing, and electrical lines can be affected, and damage to a gas utility line can pose serious hazards. Our contractors strictly follow the safety guidelines.

  • Disposal: The demolition process often leaves hazardous materials behind. The Western Thermal & Demolition crew always puts in extra effort to remove all waste after completing the demolition project.


With Western Thermal & Demolition by your side, you can expect high-quality work and a hassle-free experience. We take complete responsibility from the beginning to the end of the project. Hire our professional demolition contractors for successful construction and infrastructure projects in Prince George.

We also provide asbestos abatement services when working on older buildings. Some of the employees on our asbestos abatement team have over 25 years of experience making properties safe from asbestos.


While preparing for a demolition project, a professional contractor should be your go-to, without a doubt! Along with years of experience and expertise that they bring to the table, they also have the latest equipment and tools to ensure a safe and efficient demolition process. But that's not all!

Hiring a professional contractor also guarantees compliance with legal and environmental standards and proper debris and waste disposal. Before beginning any new construction at a site, demolition contractors ensure thorough inspection to clear the area. With their careful planning and strategizing, you can rest assured that your project will be completed on time and within budget.

So why stress over the details when you can sit back and relax while professionals take care of it all? Don't gamble with the safety and success of your demolition project. Choose our professional demolition contractors and get the job done right!




When considering a building demolition, it is essential to research the structure and its surroundings thoroughly. Our professional and seasoned demolition contractors are well-versed in all the employee and environmental safety precautions needed to execute a smooth demolition.


We can perform a total demolition, partial demolition, implosion, asbestos abatement, and post-demolition environmental clean-up with years of experience to back us up.


Before hiring a demolition contractor for any of the services mentioned above, there are some things that you must consider:


Licensing and Certification

One of the primary factors you must consider is whether the demolition contractor is licensed and certified. Proper certification ensures a holistic knowledge of the task, such as permitting acquisition, fulfilling all bureaucratic formalities, and disconnecting electrical carefully and water utilities.


Demolition Safety

Knowing how to dispose of hazardous materials like asbestos carefully is essential, as it threatens everyone's health in the surrounding areas. A specialist should only do this procedure. Maintaining the structural integrity of the ground for future construction is also vital. Hence, only a professional demolition contractor like Western Thermal and Demolition should handle the removal of footings.


Contractor's Portfolio

Looking at the previously done projects by a demolition contractor can give you insightful information about their service's quality and efficacy. Customer references can help you decide whether to hire a contractor or not.




Call Western Thermal & Demolition today to request a free quote with our experienced demolition contractor for your next project in Prince George, Terrace, Kitimat, Quesnel, and Northern BC. We perform total and partial demolition, implosion, hazardous waste hauling, and post-environmental demolition clean-up. Our service covers everything from destruction to clean-up in industrial and residential buildings.

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We provide asbestos removal and demolition services in Prince George, Terrace, Kitimat, Quesnel, and Northern BC.

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